Upstream Clothes Co. ● Dream Catch t-shirt

Upstream can’t stay away from my blog that much. Considering that the brand from Milan is only six seasons old, I may have started to get their tees to review from the second season and I never missed one ever.

I love from the heart this honest and humble approach of a brand that wants to put its ideas on apparel, that wants a creative outlet as an excuse to spend some time together with your friend with the excuse of work. The inspiration this season is the Native American style. The great outdoors stolen by European immigrants inspired the designer Ghilan Ghirardelli to put his hand to paper. This Fall Winter season Upstream gets deep into the tradition of Navajos, Apaches and Arapahos.

I remember those Tony Touch bars on the Cocoa Brovaz joint that had him rapping like “Soy Taino Indian, welcome to my teepee/Pop in the CD and let’s get freaky” because it can be reconnected on the design of this tee. What happens when you get freaky and you want to design a dream catcher in Upstream collection? You put inside the net your logo, and so it happened.

Often seen as a tattoo subject or as a commercial reproduction hanging inside cars, the dreamcatcher is a good wish object that originally was hanging over cradles. On these tee that Elena S is wearing, you even have two: a small one on the chest and a big one on the back. Double the luck!

Knowing the Italian craftsmanship behind this brand I can tell you that the print is fine, solid and not too thick. This means you can wash your Upstream tee again and again and its design won’t fade. When you have passed your peace pipe, feel free to pass at any Amedeo D location because it keeps on carrying this brand with extreme pleasure, season after season.

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