Upstream Clothes Co. ● Felpa crewneck

Upstream Clothes Co. can’t stay off too long from The Maxiemillion. The brand from Milan is supporting this blog for a while and it doesn’t show signs of quitting. Great to know, it’s always sweet to count on you, guys.

This time the unit of friends behind Upstream had an idea so brilliant that I have an hard time to define it. Every brand is trying to push under your nose its crewneck for different reasons. If one tries to give you the street credibility of a skate brand, while the street boutique sells you exclusive and expensive fleeces to show off how wealthy and fresh you are, some others give you their heritage value and so on.

Upstream Felpa crewneck stays true to the essence. It’s like wearing the special sunglasses of that movie “They live” where you get to really see what’s the actual meaning of billboards and shop signs. Here the item you wear doesn’t evoke anything but the the garment itself, bringing everything back to the essence.

Felpa means fleece in Italian and this means that you can do whatever you want when you wear it. Walk the dog? For sure! Water the plants? Absolutely… It’s a true revolutionary item that is never out of place anywhere you go and it has the ability to spark smiles of appreciation.

Upstream is a brand based on fun, this is out of question, but its made in Italy apparel is no joke. Screen printed by hand like all the items that belong to this collection, I tested this crewneck playing ping pong by a river with Alessia M and it passed the test flawlessly.

You won’t find this item on the new and improved Upstream website so this gives you an excuse to go out and cop Felpa at the nearest Amedeo D location asking the shop assistant “avete la felpa con scritto Felpa?”.

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