Upstream Clothes Co. ● Flag t-shirt

Upstream Clothes Co. loves you to the moon and back. There is nothing that this brand can do about it: its funny and positive attitude rules over the sketchy state of things of our world today.


That’s why the brand from Milan founded by Mattia Colombo and Ghilan Ghirardelli has made a name for itself in a few seasons: it’s a matter of feeling good and let your audience enjoy your vibe. The smart idea in the case of this Flag t-shirt is to pick up an astronaut on a mission on the moon and let him pass a message that makes people stare and smile.


Who doesn’t want to put his name on the map? I do, working constantly on this blog to let you see what I’m all about. Up and coming rappers find their way to let you hear their new single so you remember their name and same is for an independent clothing company like Upstream is. The group of people behind this brand worked hard to plant their flag but now things are getting better and better for them.


Check closely the fourth picture. Now tell me if the level of definition of this made in Italy tee that Alessandra U is wearing isn’t some state of the art print?!


Flag t-shirt is the last installment of the Upstream Summer 17 saga, where I showed you a few tees and a crewneck that you may easily try on in any Amedeo D store. Stay tuned and don’t plant your flag too far from this blog because in September I will show you more from this brand. You are right: nobody around here is giving up!

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