Upstream Clothes Co. ● John Ford Fabrik crewneck

I so love when a brand creates something that lasts in time. Too many items have a short life span and get lost in a matter of months. It happened more than once that I forgot a t-shirt in a drawer just to find it after a whole season. I usually smile when this happens: it means that I have so much stuff in my life that I can only thank God when this situation surfaces.

Upstream created an item that survived the test of time: the John Ford crewneck. The bottom half of this item is made of monochrome fleece while the top part keeps on changing. The icing on the cake is the branding here: a metallic plaque on the chest with the U and the S crossed that we learned to love through all my previous reviews.

We saw one for the first time a couple of years ago. That was the Maori version, made of strong black and white traits, inspired by Maori tattoos.

Then last January we get to see the Star version: an undisclosed galaxy with the US logo floating among planets and black holes. What if the vivid pattern gets geometric and even more colorful? It happened, as you can see from these pictures of Sabrina M. John Ford Fabrik now is available in all the stores that deal in Upstream.

The brand from Milan is moving his steps with logic so it’s not available everywhere, otherwise you will get tired of it quickly.

Get in contact with Upstream to know more and don’t forget this crewneck somewhere: wear it!

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