Upstream Clothes Co. ● King Kong t-shirt

It is engraved in stone in hip hop history books when Tragedy rapped in C’n’N legendary joint “T.O.N.Y”: “now you little monkey ni**as wanna play gorilla”. You can’t brag about being big if that is not your weight in the community but this is not Upstream Clothes Co. case. The brand from Milan is not the greatest gorilla in this Italian streetwear jungle but at the same time it is humble and can count a few seasons under its belt already.

Influenced by countless Godzilla movies, whose funny vibe in these days of extreme digitalization is even funnier, the designer in chief of this brand aka Ghilan Ghirardelli went all out with this King Kong t-shirt. Putting the king of all kings in a desert of an unknown galaxy is how this gorilla gets contextualized to increase the above mentioned vibe.

Like this wasn’t enough, the name of the brand gets a visionary treatment, turning it into a logo that brings out memories of classic metal bands. Not by accident, this tee belongs to Upstream Rock Collection together with the Chiodo t-shirt that I posted here not long ago.

This design is very similar to one of those record covers that get turned into merchandise items that fans wear with pride to show their love for music. Here there may be no music but the love is there. You can tell from the care in craftsmanship of this made in Italy t-shirt, that gets screenprinted by hand, as you can see from Upstream Instagram posts.

I have been telling you this since the start: this is a genuine underground force whose actual strength is in the people behind this unit. Living their passions and doing their thing without stress is the masterplan and it seems that everything is going by the plan up to now. Give a look to Upstream website and start the countdown: next season is about to drop…
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