Upstream Clothes Co. ● Nativegeo t-shirt

Symbols are to communication what a t-shirt is to streetwear. You can say it with a t-shirt all the time, did you ever thought about it? Basically this part of your outfit is the medium that you use to pass a message. When you feel cool and clean you wear that cream pocket t-shirt with no print, when you go see a live concert you rock that rugged tee with holes. What if you send a message that gets people puzzled or confused?

Personally the latter is one of my favorites and today Upstream gives me and its fans food for thoughts. What is this geometric design you ask? This is a question that you actually shouldn’t ask. This means that you did not read my latest post about this brand. There was a dream catcher on front and back of a t-shirt. This means that like every brand that deserves your attention, Upstream developed a theme: Native American culture.

With an element of the same pattern that you usually find on Navajo rugs, here comes Nativegeo t-shirt. As you can see from these pictures of Alessandra A, this item by the Milan company that you learned to love through my reviews it’s printed front and back.

Now, with all this second wave of camouflage in full effect, how about creating an outfit that includes this t-shirt?! I am saying so because the disruptive pattern material first rule is to camouflage with a pattern but to get visible to other hunters through a touch of orange. So I can definitely envision this piece with an army green parka or a tiger striped camo M65.

The crew behind this brand puts a lot of love and efforts to put out a collection every six months so do yourself a favor if you are Italian: go cop an Upstream piece at the nearest Amedeo D store, don’t act like you don’t know…

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