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Upstream Clothes Co. is a voice coming from the streets. Forget those brands where the people involved developed the knowledge of all things street on a computer, the unit behind Upstream did it all. There is a genuine passion for contemporary streetwear by every member of this brand based in Milan and this made Upstream progress with time.

The quality of fabrics and prints has always been on point, with the whole productive cycle entirely made in Italy, but the concepts evolved. It is creating a cohesive theme that the brand feels as its own, that designer Ghilan Ghirardelli expresses its creativity design after design.

Do you remember back in 2017 when I showed you that Opposite tee? The wicked concept was making fun of a zillion pocket t-shirts whose pocket stays there for no reasons but to look fresh. Putting it upside down back then, when the theme was Native Americans, made feathers, dream catcher and all
the rest fall out of the pocket. I am always down to laugh at inspired concepts intentionally funny and this was a case.

Watch history repeat in a new and improved way applying the same concept to a purple crewneck. This time instead of Sitting Bull we deal with punk rock and its memorabilia. Badges, safety pins, plectrum, cassette tape: everything falls down from the pocket of the Opposite Fleece here worn by Federica D.

It is its vivid purple color that inspired me to make her sit on a barrel. In a “complicated order of things” if the pocket is upside down, rotating these pictures to have the pocket in a correct way is like… having wine coming out of the barrel. Red wine that is. Am I “too inspired”? Maybe but to any action there is a reaction and this is mine.

If your reaction to this fleece is to strongly desire it to a point that you want to wear it, feel free to contact Upstream to ask where the nearest dealer is. Punk lives!
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