Upstream Clothes Co. ● Opposite Pocket

The reasons why I love the production of our friends at Upstream are several but one of them is their humour. I am a positive dude and I try to keep it funny whenever there is the occasion. I can’t do nothing about it: I love to laugh and it’s always good to know I’m not alone in this.

What are our friends from Milan doing these days? They dropped a Summer collection where they keep on exploring the opportunities of what is possible to do with apparel without losing the opportunity to crack a smile. We saw that crazy nice terry cloth John Ford crewneck not long ago and now they are back on the block with more.

Opposite Pocket t-shirt is a wicked concept. One of those that come out after a couple of beers with your friends. It’s the typical case of something that sounds funny at night and then even the morning after it still makes sense.

Ghilan Ghirardelli, the designer and co-owner (together with Mattia Colombo) thought that it would be nice to give a sequel to the Opposite Pocket tee that we saw already two years ago. That time it was the Lumberjack pocket and this time it’s an Apache that sew the pocket on the t-shirt upside down.

Don’t do like Eleonora B that tried to put her pack of cigarettes inside that pocket: it won’t work. What you should do instead is browse Upstream website and if you don’t find this tee, get in touch with my boys: they will find a way to meet your expectations by any means.

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