Upstream Clothes Co. ● Snake V t-shirt

Let’s make things clear: this is not Jim Morrison calling himself Crawling King Snake. Not even a snake a** ni**a in street slang, indicating a fake friend or a snitch. This is Upstream 5th design representing a snake.


It’s a sort of a ritual or a lucky charm in any collection of this brand from Milan to represent on its apparel the slimy reptile that fascinates men and women for belts, boots and bags. But being the blog that you love to love, I gotta give you some extra information, I can’t just tell you that this tee from Upstream with the snake is nice. I did my researches and this contorted menace reshaped in a way to form the crossed U and S that represent the brand that we are dealing with is called White Lipped Pitviper, whose blue variety is located mainly in Komodo, Indonesia.

Far from turning into a documentary type of guy I stay in my zone: streetwear, that is. This means that instead of telling tales of a rice field where I met such reptile I will tell you that I had my first Upstream crewneck called Snake II designed by Ghilan Ghirardelli when I first met the Upstream crew in 2014.

Then time passed and among all the items from this brand that I put under the spotlight, in 2015 there was also this Snake III tee. What Alexandra D is wearing is called technically Snake V t-shirt. I absolutely love the contrast color of this aqua green with a black background and the gothic font used for branding just contributes to the upgrade of this US snake formula.

If the last move of the Upstream clique was to collaborate with Circolo Magnolia creating apparel for the Fresh Prince Night, I can’t wait to see what’s in stock for the upcoming season. I have a feeling that it will be fresh…

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