Upstream Clothes Co. ● Blockbuster t-shirt

I can’t stay away for too long from Upstream Clothes Co. I posted a tank from this brand not long ago and here we are again. The reason is that, being its craftsmanship at a very good level and being its designs really funny, I really back up this brand.

So today I am here to serve you a fresh tee while I’m waiting for the next Fall Winter 16 collection to drop. The theme of this collection is Circus. Freaks. Things out of this world. Phenomenal athletes. It’s an universe that was way more interesting at its debut rather than now. That’s why the Upstream posse wanted to discover the roots of this thing, as you can see from the pictures of this t-shirt worn by Jessica T. Its name is Blockbuster t-shirt that beside being a successful video chain of stores from the past is also another way to say “very strong man”. A hell of a character is here screen printed in a very detailed way, in order to let us see even those tattoos that show up on his muscles. This strongest man alive can lift up the world if necessary so be on the lookout for this freak.

The creativity of designer from Milan Ghilan Ghirardelli just asks for a thumb up an a smile, without bragging this or that. As I told you the next collection is about to reach the website in a matter of days so instead of pumping weight you’d better put on your glasses in order to check on daily basis what goes down at Upstream website. Pictures courtesy of Valerio Papetti

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