Upstream Clothes Co. – Cut The Rope t-shirt

I was at a wedding the other day and at a point, surrounded by people in navy blue combinations, I realized it: navy blue is the new black. I know, from other sources that I’ve seen around white is the new black, right? Not to go wrong with this, the Milan posse that is behind Upstream Clothes put both colors on this t-shirt. Cut the Rope is its name and premium t-shirt is the game. The fabric of the t-shirt that Ylenia G is wearing is lightweight and therefore perfect for the hot temperatures that are hitting Italy recently. Add to this a real low neck ring that makes the difference when it comes to premium tees and you are starting to figure things out. This white print is what traditional tattoo fans want to see on their tees. Dreams of taking the way of the sea get represented on this t-shirt that in a clean way leaves it up to you the task to create an outfit. You can be the handsome boy that wears this on his boat in Portofino or the bearded guy that follows the latest trends and it’s virtually impossible to go wrong with a piece like this. For those that missed the inside joke, to “cut the rope” is Italian slang for disappear (especially when you want to run away real quick from something gone wrong). From what I see around Upstream is not about to cut the rope anytime soon: its collections are slowly catching up and there are a bunch of other news planned for next season. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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