Upstream Clothes Co. – Eagle tee

Did you ever go where the eagles dare? Upstream went and to say it all… it even put all those eagles on its tee. I remember when I first saw this t-shirt how stoked I was. How can a rookie brand young like Upstream is, come out with such a t-shirt? Conceptually speaking you take the most powerful bird, America’s emblem and you work on this in order to create an outstanding piece and all I can say is: mission accomplished. This brand is the brainchild of Mattia Colombo and Ghilan Ghirardelli, two streetwear fans from Milan that decided to take matters into their own hands and gave life to this brand. To come out in a crowded scene like Milan in a period like this is quite hard but once you work with logic, people recognize what you do. That’s why from Mondo Marcio to Max Brigante, hip hop fans recognize that this brand has a current outlook on streetwear. This Eagle tee that Laura O is wearing, beside its print, has a fresh cut. Take a closer look and you will see a longer hem in the middle and a curve on the sides. This alone captured my attention and consolidated my positive opinion on the work of Upstream. I deeply respect the drive to create something and to follow a dream, especially if it’s done with a style in the same wavelength of mine. Upstream items are available in selected shops and if you don’t know any, no big deal: their website is there for you to check. Don’t waste your time: get fly like an eagle.

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