Upstream Clothes Co. ● Elmopus -t-shirt

Welcome back for your daily dose of streetwear and urban apparel updates. You can rely on The Maxiemillion reviews that one day show you Paris flavor, the other day makes you chill with socks from LA but… I can’t forget where I come from.

That’s why today we deal with something coming from my area: Upstream Clothes Co. The group of friends that is the backbone of this brand is all hailing from Milan. A city where all paths of life converge, if once it was famous for its high fashion maisons, nowadays it’s making a name for itself even for what concerns streetwear. Upstream came into the picture a few seasons ago, I connected with it and it has been love ever since.

The reason can be summed in two words: inspiration and quality. Its inspiration leads to the production of funny t-shirts and crewnecks with surprisingly creative designs. What other brand did you see elaborating on the Circus theme lately? Ghilan Ghirardelli loves to draw and to imaginate complex scenarios where you see a man in a pool of glass fighting for survival with a giant octopus. That would be a hell of a show in a Circus. Upstream quality never leaves me unsatisfied: Elmopus t-shirt collar is way low, the fit is current and, as an icing on the cake, the handmade print process is always a plus that not many brands can include in their modus operandi. Beatrice C in these pictures is proof that men t-shirt like this look fresh even on girls. Go check Upstream website now or Elmopus will be soon gone… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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