Upstream Clothes Co. – Randall hoodie

Upstream is making silent moves that speak louder than much noise that other brands do. When you know you have a tight team of friends to discuss things with, there is always room for a “What can we do next?” type of question. If your crew is on your same wavelength and you are always out and about to get the scoop on cool stuff, you can eventually come up with a piece like this Randall hoodie worn by Elena S. I don’t know if you remember when I first told you about Upstream but this brand prints on pieces that follow their own indications as far as cut and sew. This means that, if you notice that the cuffs and the hem are a little bit longer and they look dumb nice, it’s because the pieces of their collection are not printed on random blanks. Yes, you guessed it: once again it is the care for details that makes fresh pieces stand out. If the cut isn’t nice enough for you, then let me add that the fleece is very soft, not like your teddybear when you were a kid but the sensation is very close. Let’s get down to business now: how sick is this print?! Following a sort of traditional afrocentric vibe that may influence you after a few hours watching old Native Tongue Family videos, this modern retro piece gets all my love. Who doesn’t like grey hoodies?! Add to that a wraparound design on the top part that goes up to the back and you are set. Good job, Upstream.

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