Upstream Clothes Co. – Snake II crewneck

The reason why I love Upstream Clothes Co. goes beyond clothing. I like this brand because of the sense of unity that revolves around their posse. I met them and they seemed ultra tight, building the foundations of their rookie brand one step at a time. Beside this, their collection may be small but each piece tells a different story. One of their recurring concepts is to put together the U and the S that are in their name. We saw that already when I reviewed their Deer t-shirt, remember? This crewneck is called Snake II and it’s exactly the smooth garment ready to front this January weather with style. Italian style. This Milan based brand not only designs clothing but it’s also proud to put under your nose a collection 100% made in Italy, where they design also the fit and the cut of the piece before it gets printed. An accurate print is what we are talking about here, very light but defined and vivid. What I can tell you about the python printed on this piece that Federica B is wearing? Fashion always loved this snake since day one, creating exclusive and exotic belts with its skin but recently a quest for animal representation on clothing is becoming more and more intense. I can totally relate to a snake on a crewneck therefore, especially if you consider that swag ambassador extraordinaire Riff Raff loves this animal too. Upstream is a name that you should keep in mind, especially now that next season collection is dropping real soon. I can’t wait!

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