Upstream Clothes Co. – Wild & Bearded t-shirt

I like all brands when I can relate to their philosophy. But if a brand also has a little label stitched inside that says “made in Italy” I like it even more. I support my team, what you want me to say?! I noticed that Upstream Clothes Co., the newcomer of the Milan streetwear scene, did some nice things in their last collection. This lead me to get in touch again with Mattia Colombo and Ghilan Ghirardelli, the two men behind this brand, to see what was going down these days and I’m glad to tell you that our boys nailed it even this time. The Upstream clique has two goals in mind: drop original clothing and have fun while doing it. Take this Wild and Bearded t-shirt that Ilary S is wearing for example. This piece is designed by Cheone. Yes, the artist that designed that Deer t-shirt that we saw here last November. The concept is wicked and I gotta admit that this artistic vision on a t-shirt is the least that you could expect. A squirrel hanging on a face like it was a bat to form a beard is not an everyday thing. I dare to think that this vision came from the fact that too many people under 30 in Milan are rocking an old school beard and consequently from the need to make fun of this thing. All this is screen printed very accurately on a slub tee with raw cut edges. This is a superior concept and I’m glad that a player of my Italian team scored really high on this first match of the season. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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