Upstream Clothes Co. x Cheone ● Woodman t-shirt

Upstream always leaves room for art and good fun in its collections. The brand from Milan that is a regular on The Maxiemillion has much love for hand drawing, beside computer graphics and to be honest I don’t know what is more effective in these days of digital life intoxication.

Do you remember the name Cheone? Upstream homeboy since day one, this street artist always finds a way to have a collaboration tee with his friends. Isn’t it the way collaborations should be? Before it became a common strategy (therefore losing credibility) a collabo was something that you could envision with two friends having a couple of beers together and then one comes up with a brilliant idea that of course gets followed by another beer, to celebrate his vision.

In this case it truly went like this, when Mattia and Ghilan (read: sales manager + art director) told Cheone that the theme for the season was the mountains. Who knows them better than a skilled lumberjack with a huge beard? Look closely these pictures of Sally B and you will notice why this item is called Woodman t-shirt. This reminds me so much that little big masterpiece that we saw last season called Skull Wooden t-shirt, another example of the care for detail that this artist puts to paper when he draws.

Keep holding your breath because next Upstream season is about to drop in less than a month. Expect some more wicked concepts but most of all a funny vibe to last all through the summer, no matter if you go to the mountains or not.

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