Upstream Clothes Co. x Urban Warrior ● Sant’Ambroeus hoodie

Upstream Clothes Co. is making its mission to create cohesive collections that have a motif. It was not a long time ago when I showed you Cards t-shirt and Death t-shirt before. It was decided that the theme for the season had to be tarots and this is the direction that designer Ghilan Ghirardelli took when it was time to develop the whole collection.

But just like when recently adidas collaborated with Reebok (two brands owned by the same corporation), here Upstream decided it was time for a collaboration but not with some external entity: better to keep it “in the family”.

Ghilan not only designs Upstream but he is also also Urban Warrior owner and designer. What could ever be easier than a collaboration design among the two brands? Being Milan the stoping ground of both Ghilan and Mattia Colombo (Upstream CEO), the two discussed the subject of the collaboration and the name fell on good ole Sant’Ambrogio, also known as Sant’Ambroeus by Milan people.

Being the patron of the city, it is a character that everybody loves but never before he came out is such a belligerent attire. With what seems to be an MP5 machine pistol in his hands, the Saint in this streetwear version is out to fight bad taste and uninspired clothing brands.

Sant’ Ambroeus hoodie with its white and gold prints that cover both the front and the back of the hoodie, has a couple of features that make it stand out. You can’t really see from the picture but the hood is a bit larger and its cord is longer than the average.

What sets the custom design of this hoodie apart is its kangaroo pocket. Forget resting your hands inside because here the pocket is wide but has a custom design. Instead of two openings on the sides there is a waterproof zipper to close such pocket. Last but so not least, this item is made in Italy like the rest of the whole Upstream production. Get in touch with Upstream via email to know if a hoodie of your size is still available, this item is not on the website…

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