Upstream – John Ford Maori crewneck

Did you read the actual name of this piece? No, don’t get it confused: this is not that Jay Z joint called Tom Ford, this is John Ford Maori crewneck. How could Upstream come up with such a relevant name from one of the most prolific movie director? John Ford is somebody epic, whose career span over 50 plus years of work. This brand surely can’t claim to its name such a longevity, being relatively new, but I agree that this crewneck deserved a bombastic name. I say it all the time: it’s the details that make the difference and here there are plenty and they’re all remarkable. This two tone type of crewneck leaves the low part all black while the top has intricate graphics that are probably Maori inspired, considering the full name of this item. The quilted design of the upper part is formed by a sort of S shaped pattern that makes this lightweight crewneck pretty unusual. The brand from Milan that I had the chance to show you more than once wanted to give you the picture of what is its perception of flavor. Upstream truly doesn’t care if a metal logo secured with two rivets costs way more than a label stitched: it just went for it and the result is remarkable. These details turn the piece that Jennifer N is wearing into a precious item. You will find yourself wearing this over and over for all those summer occasion when the weather gets chilly. Just don’t forget that this is no movie fiction: this item is fresh for real. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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