Upstream – Primary cap

Black on black attack is our menu for the day. Not everybody loves Hawaiian patterns and flashy designs when it comes to a cap and Upstream is here to serve you with proper headgear. The brand from Milan that you learned to love through my posts is back with more news. Upstream is a new force in the streetwear scene that can’t be ignored any longer. Following a logic in t-shirt craftsmanship that relies on smart designs and custom made quality blanks, this brand conquered the heart of many. That’s why it was necessary at this point to give to the fans of the brand a headwear piece to represent Upstream to the fullest. If you don’t plan on having an extensive range of caps but you want to have a sure shot, what’s better than a black on black snapback?! And what will you put on its crown? Nothing but a plain logo in the front and the name of the brand in the closure area. The visor is round and surprisingly doesn’t show any stitching. As you can see by these pictures of Selda P, Primary Cap it’s a completely black no frills item, no matter where you look at. Only the essence. Nothing else. With its humble way and its catchy name Upstream is becoming a staple in Italian streetwear, backing up the impressions and the sensations with quality and a service that shops can count on. Next time your favorite shop assistant suggests you this or that brand, just go upstream and choose… Upstream. He will understand that you know what’s up. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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