Upstream – Snake III t-shirt

I still remember that intro of Snakes from ODB masterpiece “Return to the 36 chambers” that went like: “Now number two, practiced the snake style/He was known as the snake spirit/He had the speed of a snake”. The snake is fascinating but dangerous, an animal that always had a relationship based on conflict with the man yet he uses its poison and its fabulous skin. Upstream got inspired by this reptile for a reason, among others: its body can be twisted and become a U together with an S. Once you get good results with an idea, why should you change it?! The snake is a staple in Upstream collections, since each season a new version of this style gets to see the light of day. Did you remember the one we saw last season on a crewneck? Here Michela B is dealing with the Snake III t-shirt. A fine multicolored print with all the tones of brown that you want is here for you, on a thin t-shirt that represent the quality of made in Italy tradition. Yes, you read it right: the production of the brand owned by Mattia Colombo and Ghilan Ghirardelli is completely made in this lovely place that we call Italy, from design to production. I met Mattia the other night and he was happy to tell me that he is satisfied with the response of the public and most of all he has some stuff ready for the next season. You guessed it: that will be the collection that will confirm us that this brand is ready to choke its competition, snake style. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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