Upstream ● John Ford Star crewneck

Upstream is back on the crime scene. If you are guilty of dressing in an uninspired way don’t you worry: this brand will make you innocent real quick. Hailing from Milan with a goal in mind that is to express the creative potential of a tight clique of friends, Upstream is not to be taken lightly.

We have seen quite a few designs involving the art of Cheone or Ghilan (the main designer) but this time we venture on a cut and sew item. Remember when we saw a piece from Upstream called John Ford with a Maori type of design? Today, we do not dwell in aboriginal lands but we skyrocket to the nearest galaxy.

“What could you say as the earth gets further and further away / Planets as small as balls of clay / Astray into the milky way, worlds out of sight / Far as the eye can see not even a satellite” was saying Rakim back in 1988 and that’s exactly where we are headed with this crewneck worn by Corinne C. The part on top of this crewneck has a block with many quilted capital Ys, a sort of Escher Cube pattern. The point of strength of this item is its metal branding on the chest where an Upstream metal logo will tell the world that you did not committed the crime: it’s someone else that dresses in an uninspired way.

You just tok the space shuttle to a lavish and funny lifestyle, you don’t have time for the rest. Check Upstream in all Amedeo D stores, you don’t need a Nasa license to go there…

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