Urban Classics ● Raglan T-Shirt TB366

Believe it or not but this Urban Classics raglan is not born from the latest trend in streetwear: its roots are way deeper. In 17th century during Waterloo battle this Field Marshall called Lord Raglan lost his right arm and so his taylor made a short coat with a simple diagonal sleeve seam setting that extended from the neck to the underarm.

This cut allowed Lord Raglan to dress in an easier way and so this style of sleeves was called after him. We are not talking about imagination, these are facts and the fact that raglans are the flavor of the season shall push you to pass to the next level: customization. There are so many ways to make unique pieces with your t-shirts it’s ridiculous.

You could tie dye the sleeves with bleach. Or tie dye the center with fabric dye leaving sleeves intact. If you want to have a logo or a design on it, there are t-shirt labs in every city now that can do the job. You can have a heat transfer print or even a sublimated print in some cases.

How about bigger plans like for instance you and a few friends that want to have the name of your crew of your brand on 20 t-shirts? You can consider screen printing in that case. As far as the raglan t-shirt TB366 that Nadia R is wearing here it’s the quality that you are looking for: solid color for a tee entirely made of cotton.

The last information that I want to give you is that the distributor of Urban Classics for Italy is Boma Agency. Believe that!

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