Urban Classics ● TB246 Arrow Vest + Mister Tee ● Octopus t-shirt

In this post I had the chance to take pictures of Gisella R wearing a “tee plus vest” combination that is perfect for the moment that we are facing now: end of summer, beginning of autumn. You still find t-shirts suitable, a hoodie is far from your radar right now, you still want to show your friends how sweet is to be back from the holidays and to be tanned. But then again, it may be starting to get cold at night, so a vest is the perfect solution. Fluo colors are hot, as I told you last month (when you were tired to hear it from every angle), so what you gotta do is pretty simple: get down with the Mister Tee program. Using the same standards that you can find on Urban Classics blanks, this is the collection that offers a small yet effective range of printed t-shirts, distributed by Boma Agency. Mostly with a hip hop/urban flavor, Mister Tee delivers nothing but street ready subjects to impress and make your friend have fun, instead of putting fear in them with hard to find stuff that costs you a fortune. This Mister Tee Octopus t-shirt is all about writing. “Octo comes through with spraycans like whoa” would have said years ago Black Rob but those days are gone, Diddy just signed Megan Nicole angel voice and, what a coincidence, me too I deal with angelic girls like Gisella R in my blog. That heather grey looks terrific with that Urban Classics TB246 arrow vest in black and grey but there is more. As you can see we double tested this item and even with an orange tee it looks more than legit. In case you’re staring at the pictures wondering, the graff action was already there, Gisella nor his Octopus t-shirt took part in it.

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