Urban Classics ● TB391 Women’s Tall Hoodie

Here in the title I am not talking about the pleasure that a skater finds in a few well executed tricks off a jump ramp. What was going through my mind were rather hip hop classics like “Punks jump up to get beat down” or “Jump around” but also that cheesy joint called “Jump”. What I mean is rather evident here: the joyful motion to go rapidly through the air just because you are happy and celebrating with a sick bassline thumpin in your ears. This is not the type of stuff that you do with heels in a suit. You’d better feel comfortable while you are doing so but this will never mean in The Maxiemillion vocabulary to look any less than good. With all the endless possibilities to put together an outfit that girls have, the last of the problems should be to include a blank hoodie like this here above. I already told you what I think about neon pink last time there was an item of this color. Plus in the UK you call a sweater “a jumper” so the tall hoodie for women named TB391 in Urban Classics catalog seems perfect for the job we were talking about here. This item with no logos on the outside, sent in by the Italian distributor Boma Agency, can’t wait for your accessories and your most classy kicks to tone it down or your most crazy sneakers to party up. If you feel like rocking a cap here, go ahead, just don’t forget your gold rope. Alicya E put together a current outfit with this and the result is mad nice as her jump is confirming us.

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