Urban Classics – Melange Terry Crewneck TB541

I see more and more crewnecks every time I open a care package that reaches my headquarters. Now how could a crewneck miss from the box of Urban Classics that Boma Agency kindly sent me?!

Here in front of you there is Urban Classics Melange Terry Crewneck TB541 in its grey/charcoal color variation. This piece here modeled by Francesca T is simply an all terrain vehicle for urban survival.

The fit is quite slim but not too much: it stays loyal to the name of the brand making it a classic for your urban time. You may wear it with everything in any occasion: from sport events, to that informal dinner with your friends or in an outfit with a cap that you want to make stand out the most.As basic as it gets, there are a few details that make this fleece a true eye catcher.

First thing that stands out is its pattern. It’s not your average heather grey but a mix of larger traits and dots that makes this almost a grey camouflage. Then you have the contrast cuffs and hem in a grey charcoal that define even more the grey mood of this piece. What strikes the most in this cut is the ring of the neck.

Very little and featuring a triangle of ribbed fabric, this is the touch that shows the level of this crewneck, far from your average blank fleece. This items and many more from Urban Classics are ready to be delivered to your store, just get in touch with Boma Agency and make it happen.

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