Urban Classics – Zipper hoodie TB369

You have no idea of how much complicated is to drop these posts every time. I gotta get the gear, then I gotta have somebody to model for it, then I gotta have some time to take pictures then hopefully the sun comes out when I have all the above in check. Obviously when I have something set, something else is missing but usually I can deal with it in a brilliant way. Bob Marley told me not to worry about a thing, ‘cos every little thing gonna be alright and so I do. A couple of sundays ago I wanted to shoot this blue hoodie by Urban Classics that goes by the name of TB369. At the same time I was shooting that Salva LA scena tee, so I couldn’t manage to get a friend to model for me, so I decided that since I make the rules here, there are actually no rules. I thought that I shouldn’t be featured here. This is my street style blog not my social network “wanna look good” outlet, but at the same time, who cares if I put a pic of myself here?! So it’s me in pic 3 and 4, if you were wondering what my face looks like. To make a long story short, this hoodie is the bomb. End of the story. Heather royal blue. You couldn’t even think of a color like this a couple of years ago but here we are, inspecting this shining gem. I read on Complex that at a point in history unbranding became the new branding and they’re so right about it. Let’s get deeper on this: this will help you to make your cap/tee shirt deadly combination shine even more (pic 2 says it better than I do). That white cord together with the white zipper will show everybody how much you care about freshness. Show love to those friendly reps at Boma Agency and let your shop carry this item before you go buy a similar looking one at a price way more expensive. It’s really simple, let my posts to be complicated to organize.

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