“Uh, camo shorts and bubble kush/yeah, we can talk, she’d rather fuss” (Lil Wayne)

I like to show appreciation when something is well done and in the case of this combination of shorts and beanie i am really happy to say: “Big up, Urban Classics!”.

Mesh is a material very much en vogue these days of Football Jerseys on the comeback tip. Like it always happens, when there is something that looks hot, it’s the designers race on who does what first and who does it better than the next man.

I don’t hold these records but surely I can tell you that the Camo Mesh Jersey Lined Hotpant TB728 that Marie P is wearing are something impressive. To pair camouflage with neon pink is a bold move that looks great.

There are actually no limits to the potential of such a garment: use it for sports reasons or to dance and, why not in a superior fashion outfit where you mix and match styles?! This short is lined in what is called jersey: a fabric similar to that of your t-shirt but way thicker. Take note: neon pink jersey!

Beside these shorts the other piece that we are looking at is a beanie called Leather Patch Long Beanie TB626. You have seen the folded beanie everywhere these last months: on the head of gangsters like on the head of pretty young girls, it has been an absolute domination in headwear.

Urban Classics is now giving you a chance to rock one without spending much hardly earned dinero. Being dressed in a fly style at an affordable price is their program and Boma Agency, the distributor for Italia, Slovenja and Croatia supports all this with true passion. Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari.

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