“Smokin’ and poppin’ pills, that’s how it’s goin’/in my cherry red shirt, in the club getting loaded” (Ray J)

The red and black lumberjack that Biggie was talking about just got an upgrade at Urban Classics. Flannel shirts are also called in this way for obvious reasons. This piece represents a classic workwear item light but warm, very useful when your job is to chop trees on daily basis. If you remember it’s not the first time that we saw an item made with the same fabric. Last time it was a shirt of the same color but different in style, with a hoodie instead of the collar. This time it’s a regular shirt but you have cord patches both on elbow and shoulders. The piece that Alessandra L is rocking in these pictures blends urban style with the simplicity of such an item. Once again there are facing Urban Classics philosophy: good quality price rate and a garment that you may use to create a personal outfit where you do the rules and not the labels that you have on your gear. Leave it opened to show off your latest t-shirt or button it to the very top, as you feel, there are almost no errors possible with this Cord Patched Flannel Shirt Black/Red TB558. Show some taste and don’t listen to voices that say this or that: I guarantee that with this shirt on you looked nice 10 years ago like today. This item and the other one with the hoodie that I linked on top are available through the Italian distributor Boma Agency. Now you have no choice but to be fresh with a timeless style.

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