Urban Classics ● Denim Jacket TB515

Are you a Urban Classics fan already? The company distributed in Italy by Boma Agency has more than a reason to be among your favourites: a wide range of items that you like in an even wider choice of colors and last but not least an affordable price. They charge for the equivalent of this Denim Jacket TB515 from another brand around 100 euros. Give a look to what Serena M is wearing here above and you will agree that this jacket is more than legit and its price is the half of what I just told you. What is the reason of this massive denim jackets throwback? Is it because of the continuous fashion cycle (I had my first one more than 30 years ago)? Is it because of its rebel aura? Let’s not forget that from motorcycle riders, to hippies, to punks, to metalheads, hip hoppers and skaters each and every of this social movements used and abused their denim jackets. Hippies drew them and pinned badges. Punks too drew them but with stencil techniques and added spikes, while metalheads were more inclined to put patches on them. Contemporary urban wear mixed all of the above but with this jacket you have a plain item that can be worn like you see it or if you dare enough you can give it a customization treatment. Beside this Denim Blue color, it’s also available in Light Blue and Black Raw. Ready to protect you from summer breeze but also to pop up from underneath your winter parka, like its sleevess version. Don’t underestimate the versatility of this item.

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