Urban Classics ● Straight Fit TB375 denim pant

Denim is a interesting territory. No wonder that the design team at Urban Classics decided to venture even in this zone of apparel. Not only this brand distributed by Boma Agency is giving you its best quality price rate on hoodies, shirts and jackets but even on denim.

No fake western country attitude in expensive billboards that represent a world that is not yours. Nothing but what you pay for. This is a urban denim, ready to share your life from beginning to end. Three fits: five washes for the Straight and the Regular fit and three washes for the Baggy fit.

Here in the case of our Straight Fit TB375 you are looking at the Blue Stone. Aren’t you tired of the raw denim? You don’t dare to jump on the ultra light denim bandwagon yet, so you stay in the middle with this denim pant. I couldn’t choose a better shade of wash.

This straight fit is far from being a skinny fit and looks proper without letting you look like one of those classic ballet guys. The slightly slouch look of the back pockets is well done. Gone are the days of overpriced denim for me and you, right? Times are hard so now once you enter your favorite shop you want to get a denim, a cap and a t-shirt with the same 100 euro bill.

A dream in some cases but not in ours. If the fit of what you pay less than other denims is making you look sexy, probably it’s not always a matter of money on the table: quality comes first.

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