Urban Classics ● Ladies Deep Crotch Sweatpant TB748

There is a buzz in these last seasons surrounding jogger pants. As it was destined to come, part because people can’t wear denims and chinos all the time and part because, with the sneaker market steaming hot like never before, jogger pants look good with sneakers, so people started to wear them more and more. Being Urban Classics a brand that excels when it comes to fleece, here comes one of their jogger pants for the ladies. This item called Ladies Deep Crotch Sweatpant TB748 needs a proper matching job if you are taking the challenge to wear it out of the gym. Who wears jogger pants and why is not easy to define but what magazines associates this garment with, is the section of the population of this planet called “Hollywood celebrities”. How many times have you seen pictures of this or that celebrity wearing joggers, a designer bag, rocking big sunglasses while holding a takeaway giant coffee cup. The secret is: you have to make it look like you wore these pants nonchalantly but actually you had any piece of your outfit planned. As you can see from these pictures, this pant has been cut with care to fit a girl, putting inserts both outside and inside the legs, with a cuff at the bottom that is ready to give justice to your sneakers. Give justice to this brand too and get in touch with the distributor Boma Agency for more news about this brand and all the others that their streetwear agency carries.

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