Urban Classics ● Ladies Melange Crewneck TB609

Urban Classics is a brand that is pushing a concept of quality at the right price in their collections. Their items don’t show any logo but the inside label. They do their thing with the right sensibility as you can see with this piece that Boma Agency sent in to review. This time what we see on Giulia M is a real womens item, not a mens item modeled by a girl. The Ladies Melange Crewneck TB609 has a lot to offer you. Beside the fact that it’s a no logo item and that it has an excellent quality price rate, there is more. First and foremost its color. Mint/white says Urban Classics catalog and it pretty much gives you the picture by itself. Mix some milk with mint syrup and you are there: the classic heather grey that you have seen forever but green. Second but not less important is its cut. An ultra wide crewneck that allow the most skilled women to play with colors. Put your best tank tops beneath it and let the straps show and create an outfit with no competition. Cuffs and hem are extra long: this separates our crewneck from an average piece and shows the sensibility of Urban Classics that I was talking about at the very beginning. Boma Agency is always happy to deal with new customers so if you think that your shop needs a refresh at the right price as far as selection goes, get in touch with them and you will witness firsthand the kindness that they are notorious for.

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