“Protect Ya Neck, my sword still remain imperial/before I blast the mic, RZA scratch off the serial” (GZA)

Combinations of styles and the need to experiment new effective solutions for items that can survive to all the elements of city life: this is Urban Classics. The brand that is distributed by Boma Agency for several seasons, now is enough mature to give you new conceptual pieces beside the classic flannel shirts, hoodies and varsity jackets that put them on the map.

Urban Classics is now able to satisfy the needs of more people with diverse expectations. With the Melange High Neck Knitted crew TB543 that Afra G is wearing today, we are facing an unusual piece of urban wear. Decades ago fleeces and hoodies were not so popular and what people wore were mostly knitted pullovers. If you were lucky your mum or your grandma were skilled in this craftsmanship process and you could order them the exact shade of color that you wanted for the pullover of your dreams.

The goal here is quite evident: to bring back that cozy style but at the same time to redesign a pullover with a modern twist. This high neck is loose and it may trick you at first about being a hoodie but it’s not. Leave it hanging when you don’t need it and pull it up like it was a scarf when the winter weather is harsh.The kangaroo pocket looks nice with the long black contrast stitching and together with the black cuffs and hem contributes to make it look like a fleece, rather than a pullover.

Are you ready to upgrade your style staying true to what your urban essence is?

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