“I’m out to collect figures/I’m on some Wu-Tang sh*t so protect your fu***n’ neck, ni**a” (Lord Finesse)

Urban Classics is back under the spotlight today. Like every other Saturday I have the pleasure to let you become familiar with a piece of a brand distributed by Boma Agency.

What I am crazy for are heather combinations of colors and high necks. If you are a loyal reader of The Maxiemillion, you should remember that Urban Classics already gave us proof that these are style choices that this brand doesn’t forget to consider. I am talking about that pullover and that sleeveless hoodie that we saw here recently.

This Melange High Neck L/S Tee TB357 that Sara M is wearing is a cut and sew piece that truly looks good. A long sleeve jersey slightly thicker than a t-shirt, its colorway is labeled blk/blu and it’s nothing less than a union of black and blue dots generating that heather kind of color.

As you can see, you can pull your string and leave it hanging but you may also consider to pull it off and leave it without. Or fold it a bit, according to how you love it or on the rest of the outfit. Basically it’s conceived for mens but as you can see even a woman may look good in it.

From Germany to the conquest of the world, what we saw through the years is that Urban Classics evolution is not slowing down a bit. Its collection was mostly composed by basics at the beginning but in these years I had the pleasure to wear and review their cut & sew pieces with satisfaction (and there are plenty more coming…)

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