Urban Classics ● Mens Sweat Blazer TB426

It was meant to happen, I told you several times. Urban Classics brand with its clean cuts was supposed to deliver more and more outstanding pieces and this one is a cut above the rest. Take the comfort of a sweat but push it into a new field: the blazer. Add a zest of varsity and you have a marvellous thing cooking. Let it be served cold with the most colourful pieces of your closet and you are ready to be the king of the night. Or the king of your school. I said king instead of queen since this TB426 blazer is a men item, but you know that The Maxiemillion likes to dress women with men clothes. This piece suggests a neverending list of items to combine with it. Ripped denims? Why not. Rolled up chinos? Absolutely. Black pant? I wouldn’t go that way. Make sure not to wear a shirt. If you wanted to be elegant go get a real blazer, not this. Designed for fresh individuals that are down for a challenge, the blazer that Rachele D is rocking here can’t wait to let your persona shine. The collar is a key point, so reminding of a varsity yet so different from an actual one. Not the case of the sleeves that give you the impression of a varsity 100%. This fleece is versatile as far as thickness to be under your parka during the winter or to be a substitute of your spring jacket. Boma Agency is the distributor of this clothing collection and they highly encourage you to use it all year round.

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