Urban Classics ● Small Bubble Hooded Vest TB510 + Spray Dye Tee TB477

In the good old Italian boot we are not facing spring this year. We are still living in an extra long winter. It rains a lot and the much awaited hot weather is nowhere to be found. In cases like this Boma Agency may come to the rescue, rest assured. You don’t want to rock a down jacket or a parka but the cold weather forces you to find a solution. Urban Classics Small Bubble Hooded Vest TB510 in navy/white is one of those items that, in a full Urban Classics style, may follow your lifestyle without changing it. You can wear this everyday as an essential item or leave this in your Vespa and wear it only when it gets cold at night. Open your eyes: it’s a regular fit that doesn’t make you chubby and this is one of the best features of this piece. It’s nylon and polyester, no goose has been harmed in the making of this vest. In an unusual move, here I am with the help of Luca M, to present you not one but two Urban Classics item. The second is the Spray Dye Tee TB477 in denim blue color. Not satisfied with the comeback of tye dye, this brand is now experimenting innovative ways to dye your garments. One of them is this technique where they hang tees and hoodies in a room then they spray the color. The result is here: an irregular dying that makes the item much more interesting and original. Check how nice is that micro collar ring. If Urban Classics mission is to dress us nicely on a budget, they totally succeeded here.

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