Us Versus Them x Vision Street Wear – Canvas Hi ltd

I am from an era where people would have killed to have these Vision Street Wear kicks. I was literally dreaming around 1988 in front of videos like Psycho Skate where you had names like Gonz and Gator skating for this brand or The Vision Pro Skate Escape with the Red Hot Chili Peppers live on stage with a huge half pipe in front of them. Vision had already embodied the spirit that can’t see skateboarding without rebel music and vice versa. These shoes have been kindly sent in directly by the people at Authentic Brands Group, that own the brand. Yes: no Italian distribution. This is a collaboration with Us Versus Them that, in their own words, have “a desire to celebrate the power and talent of the individual, and the struggle that is required to clear your own path, rather than follow the herd”. I can totally relate to this and I just love how their name sounds. What you see in the hands of Elisa G is a Canvas Hi ltd, an hybrid shoe whose silhouette blends together the iconic Canvas Hi and the Suede Hi. Both these models already had that ollie pad, even back in the day. That feature is a Vision patented trademark that showed people that you were no basketball player: you had the problem of grip tape biting your shoes. The palm pattern that is the leitmotiv of Us Versus Them is dumb nice in these shades of grey and so is the clear tread. No better way to represent the unbeatable California lifestyle than with these kicks on.

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