“Van Damme! Let’s see what kind of flavor I want… Do I want, vanilla? Or do I want a taste of chocolate?” (Mista Lawnge)

Summer summer summer tiiime would sing our homie Will S and who are we to blame him?! This screams “summer” to me! As basic as an ice cream cone, it’s also refreshing in the same spirit. Upper Playground is at it again in an unstoppable race to bring you the right flavor before other brands do. Tee shirts and coordinated Bic lighters is something I have never seen before. Have you? Wanna front? Go ahead, I won’t back you up. Chocolope, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, Grand Daddy Purp, Cherry Pie, Blue Dream and Presidential OG Kush are our flavors in stock. More colors than Ice T is what we have here. Keep it simple and don’t lose your funny vibe, even if the message here is not so easy to get across. I won’t give you explainations this time by the way. You were about to forget what you were here at The Maxiemillion for: fun and street fashion. What we have here to examine are 7 tees funnier than 7 seconds
99 red balloons
. Gone is sadness here, it just escaped 7 seconds ago. Method Man at every live show always says like in Mr Sandman “Peace to the number 7” because if you do it with your fingers, after the peace sign, you gotta do the seven with a sign that looks like a gun pointed down. You can say pretty much everything about this tees but there is no violence of any kind here, so Method Man would be down to rock one. Presidential OG Kush would be probably his pick. 7 deadly sins are what we should avoid according to Christianity but you should avoid none of these tees. Endless inspirations to discuss about this capsule collection come easy to me, but the truth is here: Upper Playground is always one step ahead, leading the pack. Fit of the tees is correct and so is their weight: not too light, not too thick. Graphically speaking this is clean but the hidden message gives it a double value: wear it to work and people won’t think that you’re wearing an Iron Maiden tee with Eddie mad as hell, wear in to your circle of friends and you will be the boss and Rick Ross will be soon forgotten. Another banger that got us all sayin “Ops, Upper did it again. Their production is on fire!” Is it the Bic lighters?

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