Vision Street Wear – Canvas Hi Shoes

What’s fresh about Vision Street Wear? This brand was born before most of you. This means tradition and heritage in my language. Back in the day, in the late eighties, skateboarding was run by the Big Five: Fausto Vitello (Thrasher) and Larry Balma (Transworld Skateboarding) for the medias, George Powell and Stacy Peralta for Powell Peralta, Rich Novak for Santa Cruz/Independent and last but not least Brad Dorfman for Vision/Sims. In this period Vision kicks were very popular. The scarce number of specialized retailers of skateboarding goods, made these shoes something to be proud of. The ollie pad on the side was talking about you and your skateboarding habits. Even if skateboard shoes evolution has gone very far, it’s still nice to this day to skate with a classic pair of shoes like these Canvas Hi that Authentic Brands Group kindly sent me. So back to the question that opened this post, I don’t have a definitive answer but I may check a few options. Is it because of Vision tradition in skateboarding that goes back to the first Gonz pro model? Is it because of an evergreen logo that defies the challenge of time? Do you love Vision because Rhianna rocks it sometimes? Or because of the Chloe Sevigny/Opening Ceremony collaboration? Maybe because you can get these kicks on Hypebeast shop? No matter what your answer is, there is always a good reason to wear this Canvas Hi in the hands of Selda P. Could you ever imagine that tradition and freshness could get along this good? Grab these before summer comes: you will become a Big One.

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