“Warrior! Come out and play ni**a!/I’m callin’ ya! Huh, what you say ni**a?” (Billy Danze)

Bue The Warrior is ill. For real. Too many times street artist (or is he a graff artist?) come out with obscure meanings, tough realities and hard to read writings. He doesn’t. He brings out the inner child in all of us. How sweet. Kindergarden times. This is a much needed relief from everyday pressure with all the related problems. Pouf. It all disappear in the wonderful world of Bue in order to give birth to friendly monsters that spray colour on your everyday vision of routine. This unpleasant element that seems mandatory in this rat race is now gone. Thanks Bue. Thanks New Era. The opportunity that you gave to this Belgian wizard to let us enjoy the “no worries” vibe is unique. So will be any individual that chooses to rock any of this caps above, no matter if 9fifties (aka snapbacks) or 59fifties (aka fitteds). Standin’ out in the urban jungle above mediocre caps surrounding you. Oh, what a feeling. This New Era artist serie is here to excite our visual perception and to stimulate the muscles that one should put in motion to smile. Don’t be racist: don’t choose snapbacks instead of fitteds or viceversa. You don’t need to. Why to choose among a blonde or a brunette: it’s all about the smile. Who cares about what’s on your back of your head? The front is what matters. But there is more. Look at the interior of the two at the bottom. Sweet satin on your dome piece. This is the standard of quality that New Era gets you used to. Far from your usual baseball cap, these are items are made with attention to little details, signatures and color palettes for the braves. To sum it in one word these caps are wicked. My pick? The last shall be first. Yo! is the wickedest. As in Yo! MTV raps. Wanna play old school with me? Ok, Yo! Bum rush the show, then. The little tag under the visor gives me that sense of excellence that can only be reached by gold cufflinks in your best ceremony suit, you feel me? If you feel that excellence is the destination for your soul, feel free to browse the shop section of New Era Europe website with these gems on. No, they don’t sell bling cufflinks, you can live in a world of flurry faces for a bit more, leave ceremonies for later.

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