“Way back, when I had the red and black Lumberjack /with the hat to match” (The Notorious Big)

Word to Biggie, if the hat to match is your problem, New Era together with your guiding blog The Maxiemillion, are here to save you. You bought for your summer holidays all the black tees available. Let alone the photographic prints on white tee shirts that seem to be hot stuff this summer. You gotta pack light, the airplane won’t allow your bag to be full of every possible matching combination yet you still want to look good. That’s the first step to feel good, if you agree with me. Tired of all the free ads that you give to shoe companies/clothing companies/sport teams on top of your cap, this time you have the chance to let your mouth do the talking, not your cap. Your friends at NS Progress always have some stuff with flavour in stock for you and this one here is as juicy as a watermelon in july. This New Era 59fifty follows the mix and match theory and has a Prince of Wales fabric for the shell and a tweed for the interior and the part under the brim. Don’t confuse this with his royal majesty, the fabric we’re talking about is one of the classiest fabrics ever. This will give you a distinct style and won’t take the focus out of the t-shirts you’re wearing that you really want to astonish the tourists chicks with. What is impressive about New Era is this ability to operate on an article such as our beloved 59fifty and to make infinite variations for an infinite amount of potential customers. From the Marvel comics reading kids to businessmen on a weekend pause and anyone in between, New Era has something for everyone. This makes the whole planet happy and supportive of this cult (yes, it grew up to a cult, go ask to our friends at New Era Cap Talk). The only problem is when the number of the caps you buy is way higher than the times you go out. In this way you risk to stack caps and not even wearing them, but this is not a problem that I can do anything about to help out. My duty is to suggest you the freshest ones and I think I’m pretty good at that.

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