We are S.uper C.ool

Those guys in Paris know the meaning of style and good life. If you wander around the center of that beautiful city, in the area known as Chatelet, chances are that you would get lost and at a certain point, you would bump into the WESC store, when you least expect it. With a fresh layout that mixes modern architecture with ancient walls, but most of all fresh products, Edern is there to help you out with clothing and kicks. This “one of a kind” shop experience is filled with the latest collection from We are the Superlative Conspiracy and Nike SB. Did you say Koston? Not only they have the Koston dunk Low, but even the high and the limited edition Oakley Koston Frogskins sunglasses. Now that’s dedication! In a cosy atmosphere you have the chance to see and try on the items that you have been waiting for but didn’t find anywhere else. The new headphones, the latest tee shirts, the fine denims and even a limited edition skateboard deck are there for grabs. It has been nice to see that the product was displayed in a way that makes you turn your head 360° but at the same time relaxing. Maybe they take inspiration for work from their limited edition Bordeaux wine that is in the window but now that I think of, Edern didn’t smell of wine when I was there… WESC is blowin up the headphones market, in case you don’t know because you live in a wooden house on the mountains and never venture into any city of the world. I had the pleasure to see there the limited edition headphones for Dante Ross, Berrics finest storyteller, let alone the other collaborations with Ricky Powell, Tony Arcabascio, Medicom and I also touched with my hands the Tambourine that I haven’t seen around yet (is it my fault?). Reigning over their window is that burgundy college jacket called Balker that really makes me wanna get my first WESC item ever. Not a bad pick, huh?!

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