“We fly high, no lie, you notice/Ballin!” (Jim Jones)

My friend Geraldine aka General Dine hates New Balance kicks. I don’t. She has taste anyway, can’t front on that. I seriously think that this company created a shape that looks good and it’s light and confortable. I had a grey pair of 575 that lasted me forever. It all goes back to a month ago. I found this pair of Ndividual 574 on sale that were a riduculous bargain so I copped them. What makes this sneaker unique is the possibility to attach different colors velcro Ns on the side and the matching laces. At first I tried the all white version but it’s like to think that any writer would enjoy a white wall if he has cans in his backpack. After a while I wore them with the royal blue kit to match my DQM New Era 59fifty but I wasn’t satisfied to the fullest, I had so many possibilities and I knew all this would have been temporary. All you loyal readers know that I’m a sucker for New Era caps, otherwise a cap wouldn’t be on The Maxiemillion sticker. This leads us to the other day, while I was checkin the latest New Era delivery at New School shop. I felt one of them should come home with me, I couldn’t leave the shop alone. My pick has been this Captain America Marvel serie. I’m askin’ myself since I was a kid how could he fly with those small wings over his ears. This anyway wasn’t the reason of my choice, but the original positioning of the Captain logo. If you wear this cap properly, they see part of the circle on the front and part under the brim. This is the detail that got me stoked on it, beside wanting a funny cap to party (never wear this to go out to eat with your girl, unless you want to quit her because… she’s boring). On my way home I thought about my Ndividual bag of Ns and laces and les jeux sont faites. I tested both possibilities as you can see from the picture, to create a fly combination and of course I can’t decide what’s my favourite ballin’ ensemble. I hope that Captain America flies to my rescue with the verdict on the correct combo. Soon please, before haters win!

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