“We got the sh*t, Mac tight, brass knuckles and flashlights/the heaters in the two-seaters, with two midas/senoritas, kiss rings when you meet us” (The Notorious Big)

Brass knuckles are a thing of the past. For the youngsters that have never seen a real one, those were made out of metal (mostly brass) and you were expected to put your fingers inside those holes, just to turn your punches into weapons. In a bar brawl you could seriously hurt somebody so they have become synonymous with ghetto violence. In an extended meaning, brass knucles are a symbol of strenght and got incorporated into streetwear pretty much like skulls and crossbones. 10 Deep used it a lot, being their philosophy based around our ten fingers of the hands with the following claim: Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one. One finger on the contrary, if it’s the middle one, may not be actually violent but it sparkles the irritation that eventually will lead to a fight. Disapproval first, concussion later, this is an easy path, that of course I suggest you not to take. If you feel like sending everybody to hell, the middle finger, also
known as the bird, may be helpful to let everybody know that fairy tales
are not exactely what’s passing through your mind. But then again, the Disney like style turns it into something that can’t be taken seriously. Wood Fellas in their retro hemp bags give us two options to complete an outfit with a twist of wooden fun. Rock those brass knuckles if you want people to leave you alone but if you think that people won’t be scared of you anyway, just wear it because black wood looks good, like on the neck of our friend Fabi C here. Over at Wood Fellas they are working hard to give us not only nice pendants to fit anybody style, from hippies to ghetto fabolous thugs, but also sunglasses and iPhone cases both in wood and bamboo. This brand is incorporated into Masterdis program and this translated in Italian means to knock on Boma Agency wooden door if you want to know what the deal is all about.

Molti giovani i tirapugni non li hanno nemmeno mai visti. Simbolo per eccellenza della rissa da bar, in ognuno di questi buchi andava infilato un dito e ciò consentiva di trasformare i pugni in vere e proprie armi. Il dito invece non è violento, ma se si tratta di quello in mezzo può irritare e condurre alla violenza in un secondo momento. Esprime disapprovazione ed un forte dissenso, cosa che probabilmente non vi era sfuggita. Un dito quindi può essere la causa di un tafferuglio che, in caso di utilizzo di tirapugni può portare a delle faccende che non ci interessano tipo commozione cerebrale. Brutte cose. Prendetevi bene invece con i pendants di Wood Fellas indossati da Fabi C in queste foto: non sono altro che dei simboli uno più divertente dell’altro. Ci stanno dando dentro i ragazzi di Wood Fellas: non solo hanno creato ciondoli in legno per tutti gli stili, dall’hippie al ghettuso (unione di ghetto con rappuso ndr) ma hanno incorporato nella gamma pure occhiali da sole e iPhone cases sia in legno che in bambù. Se siete interessati a Wood Fellas, che è parte del programma di accessori Masterdis, dovete bussare sulla porta di legno di Boma Agency inevitabilmente.

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