New Era – Atlanta Braves 59 fifties

From the moment I interviewed Pat Washington on Tackyworld, I started to think about the possibility to meet good ole Ludacris in the street, or in a shop. Maybe just to see him pass by in a Lamborghini Gallardo. Dope chick riding shotgun, of course, what do you think?! Pat told me that the music scene is real big in Atlanta. Jermaine Dupri is from there. Outkast are from there. A very long list of names may be added to this, but you don’t want to waste time on music, you’re watering at the mouth looking at these caps, I know you. People hate to read. That’s why I write a lot, compared to other blogs: I love to get a little hate here and there. There is nothing like a haterade in the morning to start the day. Well, back to us, this post may go back to an old motto of a veteran streetwear company that said “it ain’t where ya from, it’s where ya at“. The same can be said of the above New Era 59fifty caps. The basic black one comes from London. New Era has a flagship store there. It’s the only one in Europe, for your information. I didn’t go, but my brother Giancarlo did. I must be cruel to send a grown up 54 year old man that is a teacher when not on holiday, to deal with sizes and colours of a thing so vital for me but that he couldn’t care less about. Brotherly love like I lived in Philly, if I’m allowed to say this. The second comes from another brother (in this case, from a different mother), the n.1 fan of this blog, Fabio L. During my latest visit to Move/Vibrarecords in Verona, he kindly gave me the Atl Upturn, the other 59fifty. This denim made gem, rocks the flavour of the season combo, like your grandma designer bag. Do you want the scoop?
The denim one is way taller than the basic. My expert homie Supa pointed this out to me once and he was right. The first has a better look, but the second has a better fit. But I gotta be honest: I didn’t see Luda’s Lambo pass by, no matter if I rocked this or that…

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