Welcome to the terror Dome town

New Jersey: a place called home not only by Redman, but also by a few notable skate heads. I’m talking about Steve Durante (Habitat new secret weapon) and Andrew Petillo (his filmer), that recently came here in good ole Italia with their friend Alex “Butta” Davis, this Cincinnati native, now a BK resident.
Usually when skaters travel far from home is to skate and to get productive and so they did. Beside their activities on four wheels, the crew shared some nice moments with us and being true gentlemen, they gave us some gifts.
Domestics is the clothing company of OG Fred Gall, allround veteran and Jersey skate pioneer. A funny Dogtown knock off to make us smile and rep for the old school and a “fake jersey print” with little holes is what came to my hands. As u can see Steve preferes the jersey. It’s all a matter of words…

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