“We’re gifted, and we’re going far, down the road, to the bank/while I’m here I’d like to thank mom and dad, they knew the time” (Audio Two)

The other day I went to the hospital for a check out of my left eye. I felt like I had something in it, but I wasn’t sure. I kept it in check but at a point I felt like a doctor point of view was mandatory. I did my blog duties for the day just before and I had this book with me whose first edition goes back to 2006: Banksy “Wall and piece”. I used it to escape with my fantasy and I pretended that I wasn’t waiting for my turn to be visited. It worked. It totally worked. Here I am in an alley of the United Kingdom with a stencil making myself known as an artist with a sharp sense of humour, ready to bum rush the show of this conformity plague that is taking over the world. Call it revolution with a smile, spraycan flower power or whatever else you prefer but Banksy work is solid and the level of his dedication is unique. Not familiar with his name? He is a urban warrior whose arms are a stencil, a spraycan and a wonderful mind. Thought stimulation is what he is about and he is really good at it. Probably even Steve Berra and Eric Koston are fans of his art since the LA homebase for skateboard progression also known as The Berrics (Berra+Eric’s “guests only” skatepark) are proud to present us today “Throwback”, their successful collaboration with Banksy in form of a t-shirt. Berricsy written in the classic signature trademark that made this street artist famous and a money bag instead of the original flowers that you can see in the above stencil are the main details that make this item a must have. Blast! distribution is in charge of The Berrics products over our Italian territory so they had no choice but to order for you and your friends this and other fine tee shirts. Take note that you can fan out and support your favourite private park overseas but there is no way that you can skate at the level that you see in their clips with the purchase of this tee shirt alone. Damn, it’s my turn now and the doctor says that there is nothing into my eye, it’s a conjunctivitis and I gotta cure it. Eye drops and eye cream for eight days. I thought that to look at this book was enough. Never overestimate a book.


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