WESC ● Marcel Track Pants

This WESC item brings me back to last Seek Tradeshow edition. It was in that occasion that I realized that acetate bands on track pants are the fever these days. Too hot to be stopped, this retro sportswear touch infiltrated street fashion and now it’s something that can’t miss from a next level outfit. Are you the clubber type? Or rather the creative guy that mixes classic with new? Or a skateboarder? This is a trend appealing several demographics: from mature nostalgic types that feel younger with these items to hypebeasts looking for exclusive flavor.

This jacquard logo tape is something that people during recent seasons got accustomed to love and the Swedish conspiracy reacted accordingly. Which conspiracy, you ask? WESC stands for WE are the Superlative Conspiracy in case you are a last minute reader of this blog. Don’t you remember that I already told you so last season, when I posted Miles WESC Reverse crewneck?

When the brand from up north designed Marcel Track Pants, it had all the inspiration needed to give us a pant with sharp details. Starting from its Sycamore color, this item is ready to stand out, considering the colors of the average track pant. But if you aren’t feeling it there are also three more colorways for you to choose. Its stitched front and back creases are here to separate cheap sportswear from street fashion on point.

I love how the jacquard tape on the sides has been developed vertically adding black and white stripes on the sides of the WESC logo, increasing its sporty factor.

You can rely on the comfort of the elastic waist with drawstring to feel a chill vibe all day long. For what concerns your phone and wallet can be put in your welted side pockets .

I know: I intrigued you and you can’t wait to get more familiar with this brand. No big deal: cop it at Blakshop, WESC section awaits your superlative shopping.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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