WESC ● Mason Guilty Pleasures t-shirt

When you have a t-shirt that says “guilty pleasures” there is a whole world of different options that open up in front of you. It may be a greasy croissant when you are on a diet, just like having sex with a woman that is not your wife. It all depends on you and your passions in life, but a pleasure that comes from something that you shouldn’t be doing is always around the corner.

Me? I don’t feel guilty of bringing back a brand with a glorious past that evidently is destined to a bright future. Ladies and gentleman let’s give a warm round of applause to those Swedes known as WESC.

The team that is behind the acronym that stands for We are the Superlative Conspiracy is back like it never left but this time there is a little difference. From my last WESC post on Marcel Pants a little detail changed: this brand is now part of the roster of brands by Zen Distribuzione from Verona. This change of the guard has been pointed at me by the grand general of all streetwear and sportswear reps, Renzo Cognini, that has been supportive of my blog for a few seasons now and he felt like I was ready to understand the potential of this item. Guess what? I was born ready.

With its all over print that has an impact that you can compare to a candy store, feel free to wear Mason Guilty Pleasures t-shirt when the keywords are party time, good vibe and wide smiles. I see this as the perfect tee to go clubbing after you spent a whole day in the sun and you want to express how greateful you feel for the greatest gift ever: your life.

A woven label at the bottom left, close to the hem, is the guarantee of an original WESC t-shirt. Don’t feel guilty if it’s a pleasure to steal all the attention when you enter a room. Just make sure that you aren’t missing the flamboyant attitude to wear this t-shirt properly…

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